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China Blue at 10 days old

China Blue

China Blue was a beautiful, tiny boy who was adored by his mom, Cashmere. He warmed the hearts of the few people who had the good fortune to know him during his brief time on the planet.
We all miss him very much and mourn the loss of the special cat we know he would have grown up to be.

Love, Cashmere, Laurie and Rich - June 19, 2009
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 "China Blue" 

We miss you China Blue. - Aug 20, 2009
China Blue you were a little fighter. You touched my heart. - Aug 20, 2009

Forever loved...June 96 - March 09

Annabelle Lee

Annabelle Lee belonged to a dear friend. She showed up on her doorstep as a young kitten and walked right into the house as if she belonged there. My friend had never had cats before but it wasn't long before Annabelle Lee had totally claimed her heart. This little cat would end up changing the course of my friend's life. She ended up becoming involved in cat rescue and also managing a feral colony for years. All because of Annabelle.

Sadly Annabelle came down with cancer and after fighting a valiant battle (she had such an indomitable spirit), she finally did succumb. Oh what a legacy she left behind though! So many cats have been saved because Annabelle chose just the right place to call home.

You are very missed Annabelle.

Love Sandy  - April 4, 2009



Callisto came to us from a friend, at a sad time in our lives ... she really helped us feel better. Callisto was mischievous and had a real attitude, but that just made us love her more. This cat slept on our shoulders and pillows, washed my hair every night, would growl if she was sitting on a lap at the computer and the lap-owner pushed in the keyboard drawer ... she knew that meant the lap was going to disappear! She'd run off in a huff, but be back a minute later, stealing a pen or sitting on a newspaper one of us might be trying to read.
Callisto died very suddenly. Alan saw her being her fluffly self one second, passed by Lori on his way upstairs from the basement, and when Lori got down the stairs Callisto was lying on the floor, dead. We were glad to have learned CPR for cats from the Red Cross, but no amount of CPR would bring her back.
So, here's to you, Fancy Pants. We really miss you and will remember you always. You were definitely one of a kind! Seven years was not as much time as we wanted to have with you, but we were glad for all we had.

Love, Lori and Alan - March 10, 2009
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Callisto's was the only birthday party I ever attended for a kitty! - Mar 10, 2009
Bryan Clyne - Oct 1, 2010



Carly was a big, beautiful girl. She was a loyal friend to Kathy and Larry, the people who rescued her. The strength of her spirit will live on in their hearts.

Submitted - March 9, 2009

Boston & Salem

Boston and Salem

In September 2008, my family adopted two 8-month old brothers named Boston and Salem. Despite the fact they were FeLV+ they made the most of each day, playing and being naughty.

Salem passed quietly over Christmas 2008, and Boston passed on March 8th 2009. Their all-too-short lives were filled with happiness and contentment - we'll miss our naughty boys, but know they're probably causing mischief somewhere...

Submitted - March 9, 2009

Zoe and Oso loved the snow

Zoe Bear and Oso Jax

Zoe and Oso were two magnificent Alaskan Malamutes full of energy and playful mischief.
Zoe was one of 11 puppies born in Brooklyn in the spring of 1994. My husband and I were moving back to our country home after a year in the city and we saw an ad for the puppies. We went to see them and for some reason we picked the puppy whose legs couldn't hold her up. The breeder assured us she was just a going to be a big dog and that she'd eventually learn to walk. We brought her back to our apartment where she could only crawl on the hardwood floors. The next day, we packed her in the front seat of the U-haul where she happily rode rode home like a perfect angel. Of course that didn't last long. True to her breed, she was willful and adventurous - but she smiled the whole time. (maybe she was laughing at us)
A couple of years later while on vacation in the state of Washington, we visited the breeder where Zoe's parents were born. We weren't really looking for another dog, but that's where we met Oso. He was returned at 1 1/2 years old due to a divorce in his family. There were 47 other dogs there, but our hearts were captured by Oso because he had that same silly grin on his face that Zoe had. Three weeks later, Oso arrived at the airport squeezed into a too-small dog crate. We barely knew him, but he was instantly part of the family (that included 7 cats). Zoe was only 135 lbs compared to Oso's 150, but she was ours first and he allowed her to be the boss - most of the time. But, even as adults, they always maintained their inner puppy.
Malamutes may be the perfect dog for cat lovers because they do what they want when they want to. Cat lovers can deal with that.

Love, Rich, Laurie and the kitties - March 8, 2009
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 "Zoe Bear and Oso Jax" 

Zoe and Oso were great dogs. They are missed. - Mar 11, 2009
We love you Syl
We love you Syl!


Sylvester was my first cat. I got him from a farmer when he was only 6 weeks old and he lived to be a ripe old 19 years! He was a real character... one of his favorite habits was collecting twist ties and adding them to his food bowl. We rarely removed his collection and he just ate around them. I still remember the time we had liver and onions for dinner... when we weren't looking he swiped a big hunk of the liver and put it in his food bowl. I guess he was going to feast on it later. We miss you and love you Syl. 4/20/1981 - 5/1/2000.

Submitted - March 7, 2009

Fluffy and Me


Fluffy was my grandmother's cat when I was a child. She was the first cat I can remember. When I was 7 I asked my mom for a cat and I wanted to get one just like Fluffy.

Submitted - January 25, 2009
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Fluffy was the cutest cat ever! - Feb 27, 2009

Brennan, precious boy


Brennan was a foster kitten who got dealt a bad deck in life. He seemed to be doing fine and growing up into a loving boy until he got to be about 6 months old. He started having problems and we couldn't figure out what was wrong for a long time. He stopped growing and lost weight. All this time he remained sweet and craved attention. Finally it was determined that he had FIP, a 100% fatal illness. We had to let him go in Jan 2008.

Submitted - January 25, 2009