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Nora and Copper


In October of 1997 my husband and I adopted two brothers, Copper and Brass, from a Whiskers foster "mom". They quickly made our new house a real home, and convinced my husband cats were just as great pets as dogs. Over the past 15 years, Copper established himself as the alpha male of our eventual 4 cat and one child household. He was my husband and daughter's very favorite of all, and we were devastated when he died from heart failure on March 3, 2012. For the past 4 years, I donate monthly to Whiskers through SEFA at work, and we are now also helping another cat rescue group as fosters. We hope to share the joy of well adjusted kittens with others. Thank you, Whiskers. PS: Brass is still with us, and adjusting to his new role as King of the House.

Love, Wendy, Dan and Nora Samson - June 6, 2012



We love you and miss you so much. You were truly a special kitty who will live on forever in our hearts.

Brooke and Daniel Todd  - October 25, 2011
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Miss you and love you very much Goldie - Jan 9, 2012



Rufus was a sweet kitten who had only a short time with us.

With love from your foster mom and dad - October 6, 2011

Zekie-Joe at the Bridge


My Zekie-Joe, adopted as an adult feral from Whiskers in 1995, turned into the most outgoing, people loving cat ever. He helped rehab a little feral girl cat and they ended up best buddies for the rest of his life. I lost my beautiful boy to cancer on 1/5/11 at 16+ years....he was my baby and I miss him so much. RIP my little "Gunslinger".

Love, Mama - February 21, 2011



A constant companion of 17 years. Her lustrous Russian blue-gray fur conjured her name, Wolfie. That and her strong, independent nature. Wolfie was truly alpha-leader of the pack. She reached her paw out of the cage at the pound bringing Donna into her life.

Donna and John  - February 21, 2011
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RIP Wolfie from Donna

- Feb 21, 2011

Miss you Wolfie - John

- Feb 28, 2011
You were one-of-a-kind Su - Mar 3, 2011
Lacey, Mitt-Z and I all miss you--Bernice - Mar 6, 2011

You will always be in the hearts of your loving family- Sally

- Mar 18, 2011
Wilson aka Nel


Wilson was his given name but he was known to everyone as Nel. He was a super cat and great companion for my daughter who was Nel's foster mom for almost 3 years. Nel was born with a heart condition and suffered from severe allergies. He was on meds for both most of his 4 short years with us. We lost him recently due to a blood clot that stopped his circulation. We will miss you Nel. You were a great kitty.

Love, Grandma - December 13, 2010
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I took care of Nel for a while and he was a real joy. I will miss him.

- Dec 14, 2010
Dutch and one of his many friends


Dutch was a scruffy stray we picked up one summer night in Schenectady. When offered a ride, he jumped right in the car without hesitation. Always an eager and adventurous fellow, he especially loved to take long rides in cars and meet new people. Eventually, Dutch stopped his wandering ways and settled down to be a wonderful companion. By the time he reached 60 in people years, he was beloved by all whose paths he crossed for his unfailing loyalty and devotion. Here’s to you Dutch!

Love, Laurie & Rich - December 11, 2010


To my Dear Neighbors, In Memory of Radar who passed on Jan 8th at the Golden Age of 20. Brenadette & Jay I just want you to know how sorry I am for your loss. I appreciated the comfort that you shared with me during my sorrow. You both gave Radar the best years left in his life. He will always have a special place in your hearts.

Your friend, Theresa - January 19, 2010


Dear Myrtle,
I was able to spend 19 1/2 years with you. I am so lucky. Thank you to Dr. Barbara Bucki at New Baltimore Animal Hospital for taking such great care of you. You are in my heart forever!

Raelene - December 29, 2009

Sweet Pea, Halloween 2008

Sweet Pea Masterson

In loving memory...October 15, 1997 - October 7, 2009.

The Matthew V. Masterson family - November 28, 2009



Kitty was the best friend anyone could ask for. She was my first cat friend, a stray that someone dropped off near our house. When I was sick, she would bring me her toys and when I was away she would drag my socks and sweaters around the house, crying. She fought a long battle with cancer, passing away on November 5, 2007. Her sweetness and devotion made my family and I unconditional cat lovers and have since rescued and adopted many cat friends. Kitty is truly an exceptional being who will always be missed.

Love always, Jessie - September 1, 2009


My husband and I made a donation to Whiskers in memory of "China," who was the beloved pet and housemate of our neighbor and fellow cat-lover, Terri Couser.

Bernadette LaManna - August 18, 2009